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About Us

More Than Meets the Eye

Gregory Simon is a well-respected jewelry designer known for his innovative and intricate creations. An individual that doesn't speak openly about his quite remarkable path which has led him to where he is today; at the pinnacle of his craft, serving clients with bespoke pieces the world over.
For Mr. Simon, his creations are more than pieces of jewelry, they are an art form, an embodiment of his personal passions; a love for music, an appreciation of classical art, an obsession with detail.

An Extraordinary Vision

Gregory Simon"s appreciation for music as an art form was sewn in his earlier years. He began to ponder upon the intricate stories depicted in classical art and marvel at the beautiful notes produced by the violin he’d play, prompting him to delve deep into the musical teachings of Solfeggio. It served him with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the nuances, uncovering the rich mathematical nature of music. This proved a pivotal moment, opening up a completely new world for Mr. Simon.
He now saw music and art as more than simply sounds and visuals. He began to appreciate the process; the detail and love that poured into every piece. Gregory Simon became transfixed and inspired by their inherent beauty, sparking a new found love for the creative art form.

The Journey Begins

Just as Gregory had learned the art of separating music, he began to draw parallels with the physical art form and nature itself, acknowledging the need for separate entities to come together when creating a masterpiece.


Perfecting the Process

Above all, Mr. Simon wants to create a moving experience for those who grace his creations; allowing them to embody the pieces they wear with an understanding of their inherent beauty.
To achieve this, Gregory has engineered and perfected the process from inception to completion, paying close attention to every little detail. Each uniquely designed piece begins with a hand-drawn sketch by Gregory Simon himself which involves many hours of intricate pencil strokes.
The intended stone is then closely scrutinized against the sketch, ensuring it is both aesthetically pleasing and measured to perfection. After that Gregory Simon is able to transform his sketch into a fascinating masterpiece decorated with hand engravings.

Ring Size Chart


Here Are The Steps On How To Measure Ring Size

  1. Measure your finger at the end of the day. Do not measure it when it is hot or cold.
  2. Remember that the two hands differ slightly in size: a ring worn on a finger of the left hand will not be a perfect fit for the same finger on the right hand.
  3. To measure your finger you can use a tape measure. If you do not have a tape measure handy, take a thread, measure the circumference of your finger and then apply that size against the ruler in mm or inches.
  4. This measurement corresponds to the size of the ring.
  5. Make sure that the chosen size leaves enough room for the ring to pass easily along the entire length of the finger.

Ring Size Chart